Maintenance Mechanic - GER00133

In this position, the requirements would be to perform a wide range and variety of maintenance and repair operations necessary to keep plant property, equipment, machinery, and tools in good operating condition; diagnose problems and work in many varied and diversified capacities required in general maintenance, overhaul, and repair of plant equipment, processes and facilities.
A general knowledge of electronics and electrical systems is preferred to perform basic repairs as needed or directed. Plan and schedule equipment maintenance and repair activities to minimize disruption to plant production and material handling activities with some supervision and direction provided by the Maintenance Manager and/or Mechanical Team leader. Major mechanical repairs, installation, and/or electrical repairs may require outside vendors or assistance from a Skilled Journey Person.
Act as and take responsibility as Equipment Champion on various pieces of equipment to help facilitate Routine Equipment Care, Preventive and Predictive maintenance and down day planning. The Equipment Champion will be responsible for the overall operational reliability of the equipment and will aid in the planning of repairs and rebuilds.

oWork involves diversified duties, highly variable, requiring considerable care and judgment to effectively and efficiently diagnose, dismantle, repair, lubricate, reassemble, or otherwise perform general maintenance activities to include pipe-fitter, burner, welder, millwright, assembler, plumber, and installer skills and abilities. Work will include basic electrical repair and wiring.
oInspect adjust, clean, and/or lubricate equipment as normal part of preventive maintenance and routine equipment care program. Train and instruct lesser knowledgeable employees in preventive maintenance and routine equipment care practices.
oMaintain plant inventory levels for maintenance parts and supplies as directed.
oUse blueprints, schematics, diagrams and equipment manuals to tear down, replace, repair, install, and assemble equipment, parts, components, and accessories. Develop and fabricate accessory fixtures or guards for machines and equipment. Adjust machine mechanisms such as feed, speed, power input or output.
oWork requires basic computer operator skills.

Don't Be Fooled

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