Mortgage Field Service Inspections - Occupancy Verification

We are currently looking for property inspectors in Pontotoc County to do inspections in Ada, and surrounding towns.

Property inspectors take photos of mortgaged properties to determine occupancy and condition.
As a property inspector you simply use your own smart phone to take photos and fill out forms.
We provide our property inspectors an app that they can download to their cell phone, and then they use their cell phone camera to take photos and complete the property inspection form.
Our Property Inspectors:
Determine if a property is occupied or vacant
Rate the property as Good, Fair, or Poor
Take photos of the property
-We provide our property inspectors with guidelines which describes our policies and procedures. It only takes about an hour or two online.
-As a property inspector you can work for as many other property inspection companies as you want to.
-Most property inspectors make between $15,000 to $50,000 a year and more, depending on the county or counties you are willing to cover.
-National Mortgage Field Services has teamed up with Direct Connect Field services to help send you as many inspections as we can send you.
-Property Inspectors are 1099 contractors and may be considered part time.
-Some property inspectors make property inspections their full time career.

Click on the Apply button or for instant access to our website go to http://InspectorApplication.com
No resumes required. Go to our website for a full job description.

Don't Be Fooled

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