Materials Manager is Wanted

Reports to the Plant Manager, this opportunity has responsibility for the physical procurement, flow of materials through the production process maximizing production efficiency, minimizing work in process (WIP) and finished goods (FG) inventory and the shipment of product to customers to meet customer delivery requirements.

Scope and Nature:
The Materials Manager is responsible for managing raw materials, WIP and FG inventory to meet plant productivity and inventory goals. This position is also responsible for supporting the achievement of plant inventory dollar objectives, regularly reviewing work center capacity/staffing, process improvement and purchasing of raw materials. This position has 6 direct reports, DC Manager, Production Planner, and Production Support Specialist.

Job Duties:
Analyses, develops, and implements, programs, methods, techniques, practices and procedures needed to assure the integrated physical flow of materials and products through the production process
Develop plans, measures and controls for establishing inventory mix requirements and levels of materials, components and products in all stages of production and distribution.
Establishes methods for determining the time and quantity of process capabilities within the plant and/or with suppliers based on varying product mix, and machine and manpower availability.
Creates, distributes, and over sees the execution of achievable production schedules and coordinates changes to the schedule.
Forecast, plan, and develop levels of production output and inventory mix in line with plant and supplier capacities and estimated requirements secured from marketing forecasts and estimates and/or short term statistical forecast of past demand.
Performs short and long-range capacity planning
Takes responsibility for the integrity of HFA systems information
Works with Utility Supply Chain Manager of forecasting activity and production planning .
Works with production (cell) leaders to maximize process and minimize material in WIP and reduce over usage/waste
Works with Maintenance to review machine maintenance schedules to insure adequate capacity for plan
Supervises the purchase/release of raw materials into production, the creation and modification of the master schedule and the shipment of product
Keeps abreast of other Materials processes/procedures company wide in order to implement best practices
Utilizes lean/six sigma tools to maximize delivery performance

Qualifications :
B.S. Degree in Engineering or related practical science, with a strong foundation in business administration or BS Degree in Materials Management, Business, or related field
APICS Certification Preferred
5 plus years experience in Materials Management in a Manufacturing plant
Proven experience and ability to work in teams
MUST have strong Scheduling Background
Strong database background, comfortable with a variety of software systems, including spreadsheets
In-depth knowledge of computerized manufacturing systems and concepts (i.e. MRP, JIT, SPC)
HFA Knowledge

If you fit what is required and are interested in learning more, please send your information. Thank you

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