Arcade Attendant


This position is responsible for performing a variety of arcade attendant duties.

Essential Functions:

Assist patrons of the facility, with operation of machines, as well as the rules and regulations at the facility.
Reload cards and distribute prizes.
Monitor activities to ensure adherence to rules and safety procedures.
General cleaning and maintenance of the arcade area.
Listen to patrons regarding malfunction of machines.
Minor repair of machines including fixing token jams.
Place out of order sign on defective machines and return money lost in defective machines to patrons.
Notify management of any defective machine.
Any other associated function required to complete the tasks assigned by the Manager.


Must be reliable, responsible and flexible.
Ability to work well under pressure while maintaining exceptional customer service.
Ability to stand for long periods of time.
Must be able to perform general physical activities that require use of your arms, legs and moving your whole body such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping and handling materials.
Excellent communication skills, when working with patrons and management.
Must have basic math skills (add, subtract, multiply, divide)

IV. Work Hours:

Flexible hours including day shift, night shift and weekends.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.