Certified Healthcare Professional- Certified MA or LPN/Patient Liaison

Are you a Certified or Registered Medical Assistant and/or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) that has a desire help patients as well as make great money while doing so?
If the answer is Yes, we have the perfect job for you!
Certified Healthcare Professional - Certified or Registered MA or LPN / Patient Liaison
Seeking experienced Medical Assistant or Licensed Practical Nurse with professional appearance and marketing skills who can work with limited supervision. This person will provide medical care by taking vitals, documenting health histories, performing phlebotomy, and various other medical duties in rural areas with limited health care access utilizing telemedicine technology to connect Doctor to patient in a tele-health visit. Skills will be assessed on interview.
This position will also require a sales element as well to gain more patients for yourself to visits and perform the above mentioned skills as well as building MD24 House call, and ultimately. This person will respond to assisted living, independent living and group home communities and rural areas in throughout Arizona. This person will establish working relationships with key managers to promote MD24 House Call services and be responsible for presentations within the communities and following through with individual customer service inquiries with the ultimate goal of enrolling individual residents in MD24 House Call's primary care program. The person will be responsible for conducting numerous presentations to residents in the communities through an established MD24 protocol.
A successful individual will have a proven track record in compliance and interpersonal skills for a variety of audiences and the senior population in particular. An aptitude for marketing, sales and strong presentation knowledge of senior living communities and healthcare experience is a plus.
Daily responsibilities will include:
Medical duties will include, but not limited to, hands on medical care including taking vitals, providing basic wound care, catheterization, and health status documentation using Electronic Health Record and leveraging technology to facilitate Tele-Health visit with Provider.
Performing Phlebotomy with skill and handling specimen processing in accordance with all current guidelines.
Performing EKG, ABI, PFT, Holter Monitor and Sleep Study monitor placement.
Establishing relationships with new communities and maintaining relationships with existing communities.
Presentations with pre-presentation marketing. Post-presentation tracking.
Signing up patients (bonus upon patient being seen.)
Territory and assigned communities will be established by MD24 management.
Candidate will provide measurable reports to management on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
This position is based on visits with added income for additional services. Compensation will also include monthly mileage reimbursement per month, Phone allowance and MD24 will provide a laptop for work use.

With our unique model, our current Certified Health Professionals have a base income with bonus income on patient visits and patient registrations.
Full-time position, 5 days a week. Contracted with majority of health plans. For full-time employees we have full comprehensive benefits including health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, 401K, mileage coverage, and flexibility in scheduling.
MD24 House Call is a largest network of Primary Care Clinicians and Physician Specialists who provide mobile medical services to patients in assisted and independent living communities including numerous Memory Care facilities. Our services are specifically designed for the elderly populations.

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