Marketing Specialist Manager

Job Description for Experienced Healthcare Marketing/PR Manager (HMM):
We are looking for an experienced Healthcare Marketing Manager (HMM) who will lead our Preferred Agreement and Marketing Coordinator Team Members. The HMM will also manage the constant expanding monthly funds infused by several healthcare entities (Preferred Partners) to target specifically chronically ill patients. These are done via our defined distributional channels including but not limited Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted-Living and Independent-Living communities, Primary Care Clinics, Specialty Clinics, Hospitals in both metro and rural areas, ACOs, IPAs, MSO, Corporation, Grocery Stores, etc.
The Preferred Partner Marketing/PR manager, who loves all aspects of marketing, PR & advertising, will oversee the development and expansion of advertising programs for Preferred Partners and Preferred Partner clinics inside assisted living facilities. Your strong planning, organizational, and analytical skills will ensure your success as you provide leadership for growing Preferred Partners and Preferred Partner clinics. If you have an expertise in media planning, internet marketing, and execution and are looking for a fast-growing opportunity to maximize your degree, experience and capability to help grow shared goals for multiple Preferred Partners, we want to talk to you!
Job Responsibilities:
Accountable for advertising processes and documentation, which include planning, directing, and coordinating policies and programs for growing Preferred Partners. Top 3 Key Performance Index (KPI) will be developed with managing partner(s).
Communicate and coordinate with network clinicians, internal managers, Preferred Partners, assisted living's executive directors and nurses, and hospital executives to develop Preferred Partner clinics and telemedicine.
Lead and manage Preferred Partner coordinators/specialists who will help further develop Preferred Partners and Preferred Partner clinics in hospitals, SNF, assisted living facilities, etc.
Additional responsibilities include:
Overseeing the creation of annual plans and help manage assigned budgets per Preferred Partner, i.e. keep the net at 20% of Preferred Partner's constant monthly expanding budgets.
Willingness to work with MD24's existing successful Internet marketing, advertising, and branding while providing professional expertise to improve the prospects/leads and patients seen per Preferred Partner provider. Work with MD24's MA manager to monitor the referrals and communicate to Preferred Partners on ROI which helps develop more Preferred Partner.
Owning and overseeing all external communications, including, but not limited to, presentations, events, letters, flyers, scripts, proposals, newsletter, website content, and email/text messaging contents. Coordinate targeted content timely to IM manager.
Communicate and help manage the remote internet marketing (IM) manager in order to effectively monitor Google SEO/Ads, business listings, internet Yellow Page, social media, smart phone ads, and branding. The HMM will help manage IM manager's top 3 KPI's, making adjustments as necessary.
Coordinate for Preferred Partners to work with internet marketing manager on website development, Google search engine, Google ads, Linkedin, etc.
Develop ROI benchmarks for Preferred Partners and track standards for evaluating the results of advertising efforts and investments. help monitor top 3 KPI for IM manager and Preferred Partner managers.
Following cutting-edge advertising trends to research and recommend new and creative advertising opportunities, both traditional and digital, to reach medical Power Of Attorneys for frail elderly patients and AL/IL facilities' managers.

Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, Business, or other related field; OR equivalent experience, preferred.
3-5 years' experience in healthcare marketing and internet advertising with media planning and negotiating experience. Marketing, advertisement and sales experience in AL/IL facilities a plus.
Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills
Willingness to work with outsourced Internet Marketing team, learn and stay current with the latest print, internet, web technologies, and advertising mediums.
Excellent knowledge in PR, traditional newspaper/radio advertisement, internet marketing via new technologies, and ability to manage other key team members via Key Performance Index and CRM.
Full-time position, 5 days a week. Contracted with majority of health plans. For full-time employees we have full comprehensive benefits including health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, 401K, mileage coverage, and a phone allowance..
MD24 House Call is a largest network of Primary Care Clinicians and Physician Specialists who provide mobile medical services to patients in assisted and independent living communities including numerous Memory Care facilities. Our services are specifically designed for the elderly populations.

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