Medical Biller

Company Name:
Koch Davis
Our organization is an excellent medical facility located in a stunning and picturesque downtown Leavenworth. We are here to cultivate positive and dynamic culture with a commitment to the community we serve and perfectly defined shared values. The Full Time Medical Biller position is an essential one within our Business Office and it related to the processing of the patients' accounts for payment. Besides, the Full Time Medical Biller is responsible for representing our Medical Centre to the representatives of the insurance community and our patients.
Key duties related to the Full Time Medical Biller position:
- Maintains knowledge of new rules within the billing area.
- Provides detailed reports on a weekly basis.
- Maintains payer numbers and changing vendor.
- Follows up on the patients accounts thirty days and older, keeps up phone log on a weekly basis.
- Processes L&I claims and checks up the appropriate ICD-9 usage.
- Conducts secondary billing follow up.
- Provides professional assistance in the process of monitoring ICD-9, CPT and modifier usage.
- DSHS claim entry on the web for both - secondary and primary claims.
- Provides assistance in the process of monitoring billing from admitting.
- Performs the whole spectrum of the other general billing duties.
Required skills to fir the Full Time Medical Biller position:
- Excellent keyboarding and PC skills.
- Professional experience in the medical billing area, both UB and HCFA.
- High level knowledge of Medicare guidelines, HCPCS, ICD-9 and CPT coding.
- Solid knowledge of all aspects of the billing revenue cycle.
- Pleasant and positive telephone manners and ability to cope with all the work requirements.
Bachelor's Degree
Through a well-planned, researched and properly organized service with a competent representative of every department we provide reliable, affordable medical assistance for the patients within the community we serve. As our journey to the perfect reputation and organizational success increases, our competent and friendly representatives go on providing each patient with high class medical care and true hope for a better future. We exert every effort to eliminate despair for our clients who are on the lookout for trusted and well built healthcare options for their families.

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