Company Name:
South Georgia Medical Center
Responds to calls for service, providing assessment, treatment modalities, and transportation of patients in a variety of controlled and uncontrolled settings. Provides treatment interventions and basic life support consistent with department guidelines and according to credentials issued by state authorities. Provides emergency care and rescue in a variety of situations where personal safety may be at risk. May be needed to assist with the continuum of care in transferring of patients from one setting to another. Attend required training and certification programs, maintaining certain certifications as required by the department or Medical Center.
1. Currently certified as an Emergency Medical Technician by the Georgia Department of Community Health.
2. Must maintain current BLS certification and must complete annual educational requirement as prescribed by Georgia laws and regulations.
3. Must be able to demonstrate ability to perform practical skills proficiently in BLS, trauma life support, shock management and other EMT treatment modalities.
4. Must and have and maintain a valid driver's license and a good driving history in accordance with the Medical Center's insurance carrier's standards.
5. If not current, must complete and maintain the following certification programs within one year of employment. Pediatric Advanced Life Support; Trauma Life Support; Neonatal Resuscitation Program; STABLE Program; Advanced Medical Life Support; Advanced Stroke Life Support; Advanced Burn Life Support (if available); Haz-Mat Awareness; NIMS ICS Programs 100, 200, 700, 800.

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