Scams and Shams

My mom always used to say to me, “Safety first, fun second.” As a kid, I just thought she was trying to ruin my fun. Now, as the founder of Geebo, a father, and an upstanding citizen, I definitely understand what she was getting at.

We at Geebo love to have fun. Our site prides itself on its accessibility and humor…but most importantly our protection of our users.

The majority of the Geebo community shares our ideals and dedication to security. Just like any society, however, there are those who do not see eye to eye with us. For the best interests of everyone, Geebo has adopted and implemented appropriate, yet rigorous, safety standards.

We believe in transparency, and therefore encourage Geebo users who feel as if we have not enforced our safety requirements, to report such directly to us at abuse [at] We never want to let you down. However, we do have a few suggestions that will provide you with the extra protection you deserve.

  • Purchase Locally. You run a greater risk of an unpaid and bad transaction by purchasing an item or service from outside your area. Be sure to do your research about who you are buying from, specifically if it is a commercial entity. By buying from local merchant you are often able to stop by their physical establishment and verify their product quality.

  • Meet in Public. You’ve heard the horror stories. Don’t be one of them. If you are purchasing, interviewing, or renting anything, meet with the seller/interviewer in a public place, a well-lit area where a lot of people are. Preferably where security video cameras might be. Your life is worth more than a good deal.

  • Bring a Friend. There is safety in numbers. If you choose to go it alone, in public, be sure to inform a nearby friend or family member about your intentions. Ask them to either drive by, stop in, or, at a minimum, call within 10 minutes of your scheduled meeting time so you can confirm whether everything is running smoothly.

  • Follow Your Gut. Intuition is a proven phenomenon. Heed yours. We do everything we can but even Geebo cannot compete with that creepy feeling one gets when something is amiss. Follow your instincts, even if means saying no, declining a job offer, or passing on the “perfect” apartment.

To learn more about avoiding scoundrels and scams please visit our common scams page.