Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

Geebo is committed to your safe and productive use of our site. In seventeen years of operation, we have never had any problems with illegal activity. We want you to know that to protect you, we:

  • Review ads before they go live on our site, and remove any suspicious ads.
  • Report suspicious activity to authorities.
  • Refuse to carry ads, or provide pages, for adult content.
  • Support anti-trafficking and human rights efforts.
  • Partner with law enforcement and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children to maintain the best possible ad screening system.
  • Advocate for better safety practices across all online classified advertising sites.

In fact, Geebo is so committed to user safety that we have developed a unique automated system to scan ads for potential unsafe and illegal activity. And we are continually updating to keep current with the criminal activity trends occurring on other sites. If you ever see anything on Geebo.com that looks like a problem, you can send us an email at safety [at] geebo.com.

Keeping safe on Geebo and other classifieds sites:

It is important that you know how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe when using online classified advertising sites. Here are a few reminders:

  • When selling, do not put your home address in your ad.
  • To avoid scams, buy and sell with people you can meet locally, in person.
  • When meeting with someone you don't know, meet in a public place. If that's not possible, have a buddy with you. Also, carry a cell phone; if you feel unsafe, you can call a trusted friend, and stay on the line.
  • Never give out financial or private information like account numbers, PayPal login, or social security number.
  • If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is. Walk away!

When choosing a classifieds site:

  • Use only sites where ads are reviewed before they go live on the site rather than relying a flagging or rating system that leaves users vulnerable in the mean time.
  • Use sites that do not carry adult ads. Not only do these present risks to our children, but they can harbor human trafficking activities that harm people and open the door to other criminal activity.
  • If you are unsure about the safety of a particular classifieds site, do your own quick research. Type the site's name into Google News or Yahoo! News. Are the results filled with news stories about crime? Then stay away. This is a case where no news is good news!


 “Bridge to Freedom Foundation is honored to support and endorse Geebo.com and founder Greg Collier for the outstanding example they are providing to the private sector that social responsibility does not have to hinder business, but in fact is a key part of success and sustainability. In an age where exploitation sadly taints supply chains, it is essential that businesses and consumers alike take a stand against exploitation and modern slavery in all forms. In a digitally driven age finding an end to the rampant exploitation of men, women and children online, especially for the purposes of sexual exploitation, has been increasingly difficult and many claim impossible, however Geebo.com has proven that we can make internet a safer place, especially for our children.”

Cassandra Clifford, Founder & Executive Director 

Bridge to Freedom Foundation

“Geebo’s commitment to fighting human trafficking stands head and shoulders above other online classifieds sites. Founder Greg Collier took a heroic step when he removed all personal ads from the site…. Geebo’s leadership in ensuring the safety of all our communities is a shining example every advertising platform should follow.”

Lauren Taylor, Founder & President 

End Slavery Now


“Geebo.com sends a strong message to the online classified community by choosing not to include, endorse, nor profit from those online ads that facilitate the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children. This is a choice facing the greater online classified ads community. Polaris Project applauds Greg Collier and Geebo.com for the exemplary role his website has played in demonstrating social responsibility and not allowing his site to be used as a facilitator of sex trafficking.”

Polaris Project


"FAIR Girls commends Geebo.com for their commitment to preventing all forms of sexual exploitation and trafficking on their web site.  Their ability to ensure no child is exploited on their site is commendable and should be an positive inspiration to all online classified advertising web sites."

Andrea Powell, Executive Director 

FAIR Girls


“The Geebo.com businesses practices represent exactly the kind of responsible commitments that all companies should make to prevent children from being sexually exploited. Law enforcement can’t do this by themselves. Everyone has to play a part. We applaud Geebo.com for taking the rights steps to protect children.”

                                                        Smolenski, Executive Director


"Geebo.com continues to set the industry standard by not hosting prostitution ads. Geebo.com values human rights over profits demonstrating what corporate responsibility actually looks like in an industry that is increasingly vulnerable to corruption by the sex industry."

Norma Ramos, Executive Director 
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women 

"Geebo is a leader in the growing revolution of how classifieds sites see themselves as responsible citizens of the world."

Amanda Kloer, Editor 


“Geebo understands the importance of business ethics and is not willing to compromise human dignity for a profit. Their commitment to screening ads and preventing human trafficking is commendable and should be the model for all classified websites to use.”

Courtney's House

"Companies worldwide are creating new sites, applications and technological platforms that are meant to add value to our lives. In this process however, technologies can be exploited beyond their intended application (i.e., human trafficking over the internet) and consumers are often left in the dark about which sources they can rely on. Geebo.com takes out the guesswork by developing a friendly and safe environment for the exchange of goods and services. They are a wonderful example of for-profit entities upholding ethics and principles of corporate social responsibility while adding value to the community."

Aashika Damodar, Executive Director 
Survivors Connect

“Innocents at Risk is pleased to endorse Greg Collier and Geebo.com for their best online practices in protecting women and children from trafficking. Geebo is a shining example and role model for others to follow. We are grateful for Geebo's commitment in taking this stand!”

Deborah S Sigmund, Founder 
Innocents at Risk

“TassaTag is pleased to partner with Geebo in their efforts to be a voice for social responsibility.”

Brenda Hepler, Director 
ECPAT-USA TassaTag Project

“Geebo's commitment to socially responsible online classifieds makes it clear that it's possible to run a successful business while at the same time drawing the line at practices that traffic women and children via so-called "adult" ads. If consumers have a choice regarding where to advertise, why not choose a website that screens out prostitution advertising?”

Melissa Farley, Ph.D., Executive Director 

Prostitution Research & Education, San Francisco

“Geebo.com should be the number one choice for posting online ads. While other websites have consistently stated it is impossible to structure an on-line community in which people are not bought and sold, Geebo.com has effectively done just that. We applaud Greg Collier for his efforts to make the internet a safer place.”

Lisa Goldblatt Grace, LICSW, MPH

Co-Founder & Director 

The My Life My Choice Project

A Program of Justice Resource Institute


“Geebo.com is a classified ads community that goes beyond the professional and normal practices of ads sites by offering a safe online experience. They have a deepened commitment to transparency and are explicit about their stance against trafficking and human rights issues. This is how change starts.”

Richmond Justice Initiative 


Note! If you are being forced to work against your will or engage in commercial sex or know of someone who is a victim of forced labor please call 1.888.373.7888.