Canine Welfare/Training Technician I

General Information
Location 32901 Southeast Kelso Road
Boring, OR 97009
United States
Employee Type Full Time Non Exempt

OVERALL SUMMARY: A Canine Welfare/Training Technician I provides physical and psychological care to dogs (training, breeding evaluation, career change, boarding guides and puppies, and retired guides) that are being kenneled at our facilities. This entails feeding, bathing and medicating dogs; maintaining a clean kennel environment; occasional data entry; and reception duties related to arrival and release of dogs. This position requires solid teamwork and excellent communications skills.
Provide basic care and appropriate enrichment of kenneled dogs, including performing physicals on newly arrived dogs, feeding, walking, exercising, transporting, weighing, grooming, bathing, and preparing and dispensing dog food, including special diets. Administer treatments and medications to kenneled dogs under CWTT care; report health or behavioral changes. Provide post-operative and/or physical therapy as prescribed. Maintain good verbal and written communications with co-workers, teammates, instructors, and supervisor. Maintain written records on dog care and other duties performed each week. Participate in meetings, educational sessions, and other group forums.
Clean individual kennels and maintain a sanitary kennel environment.
Maintain precise kennel records of dogs moving into or out of kennel, following GDB procedures to assure complete and accurate information reaches the appropriate personnel.
Interact with the public and volunteers; assist with the intake and release of dogs.
Conduct campus tours and provide general assistance on graduations.Represent GDB at special functions.
Adhere to our organizationā s safety policies and procedures, and encourages others to do the same. Promptly report incidents and accidents according to campus procedures.
This person(s) may also provide assistance, in the class setting by providing staff coverage for the dormitory overnight. This includes assisting students with general dog care and handling matters that arise outside of guide work, managing any critical situations requiring immediate intervention, and reporting noteworthy incidents to instructor/supervisor team. Maintaining cleanliness in the dorm, class relieving areas and vehicles is expected.
Undertake driving duties, which may include student pick up and/or drop off and other miscellaneous assignments, which includes dog transport to and from airports, outside veterinary clinics and other as needed. These duties may at times require driving large vehicles.
Prior experience caring for dogs in a kennel or vet environment, or other animal care or training positions in a professional capacity is preferred.
Able to work weekends, evenings, holidays and spend nights in the dormitory.
Good interpersonal skills and a pleasant manner dealing with other staff, clients and the public.
Must safely handle a variety of large breed dogs, weighing up to 90 pounds, with varying strength and manageability. Ability to safely lift up to 40 pounds. Employees are required to seek assistance when lifting dogs or objects weighing more than 40 pounds.
Able to communicate via voice mail and e-mail: able to perform basic word processing and database tasks.
Ability to remain on oneā s feet, standing, or walking all day on cement.
Ability to withstand up to 2 hours of repetitive bending, stooping, kneeling, and squatting.
Current driverā s license and insurability at normal risk rates.
Full-time, non-exempt position. Work schedule will include weekend days, holidays, and some shift work.

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