Frozen Stocking Part Time Customer Service

Want a job you'll LOVE?
Our Frozen Foods department works hard to offer our customers a wide variety of everyday-use frozen products. In this department, you'll work with a team to ensure cases are fully stocked with everything from Premium Ice Cream to Just Picked veggies, while providing incredible service to our customers!
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How do I make a difference?
Providing Incredible, Knowledge Based Customer Service
Proactively approach customers, assist them in locating products throughout the department, provide suggestions for meal solutions, and answer any questions they may have about products
Familiarize self with products in the department as well as inventory in the backroom to better assist customers in locating items and product availability
Ensuring High Quality Products & Ingredients
Breakdown deliveries, stock cases on the sales floor and backroom freezers to ensure products are moved quickly from room temperature areas to freezers, maintain an organized back room, re-shop misplaced products, shrink out damaged goods, check expiration dates, refill missing items and be sure aisles are kept in pristine shopping condition
Maintain the overall appearance of the department, ensure fresh product and levels are sustained, items are well-merchandised in innovative, eye-appealing freezer displays while recognizing seasonal, holiday and weather effects on product sales
Properly handle products, use equipment, keep accurate logs and follow sanitation practices in accordance with food and human safety guidelines, and Simplification 5S procedures
Living Who We Are
Support, encourage, and respect co-workers
Work with supervisor to set and achieve goals for professional development
Comply with Wegmans Policies and Work Rules, as well as, federal and state laws
Maintain open lines of communication with supervisors and coworkers to ensure the most efficient operations in the department
Seeking Candidates Who‚€
Live our values: caring, respect, empowerment, making a difference, high standards
Possess teamwork & diversity awareness
Seek continuous learning opportunities
Provide incredible customer service
Ensure food & human safety
Possess organizational skills
Provide knowledge based service
Educate self and others about product knowledge
Preferred Skills and Experience
Customer service experience, preferably in a food service, grocery or retail setting
Work Environment
Work involves continuous interaction with customers and co-workers in a fast-paced environment
Typical motions include frequent heavy lifting, repetitive hand and arm movements, bending and reaching
Work involves exposure to an work in below freezing temperatures
Responsible for moving and lifting an average of 8-32 pounds with a maximum weight lifted of 50 pounds occasionally to frequently
Basic tools & Equipment must be able to use hand/power equipment
Will spend the majority of time on his or her feet and stand without a break for up to 4 hours
May be exposed to various allergens
Employment at Wegmans may be contingent upon your completion and our evaluation of a drug screen and/or criminal background check. All Applicants will be screened; only those closely matching the job posting will be interviewed

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