Communications Engineer III

Company Name:
CyberSearch, LTD
Communications Engineer III
Pay Rate: 44.40
Location: ALLEN TX
W-2 only
Summary: Responsible for Supporting Call Center Telephony and the associated subsystems, including interactive voice response IVR systems. Provide system-level support of multi-user telephony (operating) systems, hardware and software tools, including installation, configuration, maintenance, and support of these systems. Identify alternatives for optimizing resources. This position requires: o A background in programming, with experience in modifying and creating applications in several databases. o A background in IVR Programming o Ability to work in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. o Ability to lead a project and coordinate resources to meet deadlines as required. o A person who is detail-oriented and well organized o A person who can set priorities and work on multiple tasks at the same time. o Able to work with multiple vendors to coordinate the correct hardware and software needs of the call center. o A team-oriented person who can work well within several divisions of Frontier. o Responsibility for maintaining telephony inventory, directory, on-call book, disaster recovery and system documentation. o Experience in gathering requirements, and implementing solutions to meet or exceed expectations with call routing software. o Minimum Education/Experience: Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering or equivalent 6+ years' experience with data, voice and/or VoIP technologies. o Participation in troubleshooting, problem isolation, resolution and problem escalations as needed. Initiate and participate in root cause analysis/preventative action activities when required, such as when an outage occurs. o Ability to escalate service and support requests to vendors, as needed, to maintain compliance with Service Level Objectives o A good listener, creative, intuitive, and ability to resolve problems in potentially stressful situations. o Skilled technical writing ability in order to document problems and solutions for users and other support personnel o On-call responsibility including: o Fielding questions from reps/coaches on telephony functionality o Reviewing trunk status o Follow-up on trouble tickets o Daily review of activity log o Review error counters and job procedures o Documenting upgrades o System corrections, and hardware swaps o Handle telephone issues - including troubleshooting problems o Coordinate purchase of equipment o Make call routing changes as needed Key Skills- Extensive experience in object oriented design and development including 6 years Java, 7 years C++, and 2 years C in server, client and embedded environments on Windows and Linux. Avaya/CISCO/Nortel VoIP and Nortel Wireless , IVR, VOIP
Note: This position is not eligible for Overtime billing.

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