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The Operations Manager duties are developed and designed by the Service Center Manager to meet the needs of the Service Center. Assignments may include directing the activities of the Service Center's Technical Service Representatives, performing QA audits and client visits, serving as the primary trainer for new hires (Technical Service Representatives) and performing training duties (both technical and sales) with Technical Service Representatives of all levels of tenure. The Operations Manager will also perform as a Technical Service Representative when needed. Under the direct supervision of the Service Center Manager, who is personally responsible for quality control, client contact and directing the sales efforts of staff within the assigned Service Center, the Operations Manager will work closely with the Manager to increase the productivity, quality of service and profitability of their respective Service Center.
Assist Manager in the development of Technical Service Representatives in all aspects of the job.
Create a positive relationship with clients.
Operations Manager works irregular hours alone inside/outside and in hot and cold weather.
Must be enrolled and actively working the LDP Program.
Lift/move/use equipment weighing up to 100 lbs.
Wear a respirator.
Drive vehicles.
Use ladders and climb up/down balancing and carrying 20-25 lbs.
Fasten/unfasten safety belts.
Spray while carrying 20 lbs. in other hand/shoulder.
Must crouch, crawl, kneel, stoop, bend, stretch, hold, grasp, open, push, and pull.
Must see, smell and recognize problem areas and pests.
Read, write, use math, learn, comprehend, memorize, speak, listen, think, place values, make decisions, hire, train and manage others and control a profit/burden center.
Strong teamwork, teambuilding, training skills.
Performs client relations functions. (30%)
Resolves special technical problems or concerns received from clients if they have not/cannot be resolved through client interaction with the Technical Service Representative assigned to account.
Assists the Service Center Manager in conducting scheduled Quality Assurance Audits. Assists in following up with audits to ensure all issues were addressed.
Calculates charges for additional services, new additions, renovations and annual price reviews. May re-evaluate a job in response to competitive pressures with Service Center Managers approval.
Contacts accounts that cancel with Technical Service Representative in order to learn the reason and attempt to regain the account.
Resolves client concerns involving complaints about Technical Service Representatives.
Provides client training on web site use for handhelds, basic structural and sanitation power points, railcar aeration, etc...
Coaches and develops reporting personnel. (60%)
Assists in recruiting and training Technical Service Representatives.
Serves as Trainer for new Technical Service Representatives.
Assists in training and counseling Colleagues in order to improve their performance with the Service Center Manager.
Assists Service Center Manager in setting performance standards and objectives for Colleagues. Reviews performance of Colleagues with Service Center Manager.
Assists Service Center Manager with monthly training meetings, disseminates technical information, policy and procedure updates and operational data.
Shares the responsibility for the quality in the Service Center through TQM programming.
Inspects work to ensure that materials are being applied properly, pests are being controlled, documentation is thorough and accurate and service is being rendered in accordance with contract. Provides client contact follow-up.
Reviews pricing done by Technical Service Representatives.
Follows up with Technical Service Representative on callbacks that are repeat pest issues or urgent in nature to ensure all the issues have been resolved.
May fill in for Technical Service Representatives who are sick, on vacation, etc.
May run fumigations, perform initial set-ups, roach/rodent clean outs and other specific service jobs as assigned by Service Center Manager.
Performs administrative functions. (10%)
Assists in the responsibility for ensuring that all vehicles and equipment within the Service Center are maintained properly and remain in good working condition.
Ensures that the Company safety program and policies are followed.
Assists Service Center Manager in setting budgets and goals for Administrative Assistant and Technical staff.
Must be experienced in the technical aspects of the pest management business because they will be required to perform the actual work at times, as well as train others on procedures. Must conduct inspections, and must be in a position to give technical advice to Technical Service Representatives. Must have knowledge of pests and their behavior, plus knowledge of materials and equipment used in their control.
Must know local, State and Federal regulatory requirements that apply to the industry.
Must have knowledge of structures and layout of buildings, the equipment in these buildings, especially in special use facilities such as food processing operations.
Must know Company policies and procedures.
Must have supervisory skills including the ability to recruit, hire, train, set performance standards and objectives and counsel employees.
Must have the ability to perform administrative management including the budgeting and paperwork associated with the Operations Manager's position.
Must have some mechanical ability because of the requirement to execute, perform and supervise the repair and maintenance of equipment.
Must be willing to keep constantly updated on new methods, which requires reading and attendance at meetings.
Must be willing to get his/her hands dirty.
Must be willing to travel, including overnight travel.
Must be willing to learn and teach functions of the handheld devices used in the field.
Education or Equivalency:
Prefer college degree or at least one or two years of college with an emphasis on business or related sciences in order to prepare for the management and supervisory aspects of this job.
Must be certified in all appropriate categories of pest management in states encompassed by the Service Center within one year of accepting the position.
Completion of the Purdue Correspondence Course.
Completion of Purdue Food Plant Course.
Completion of AIB Sanitation Course.
Willing to take Microsoft Office Computer Courses.
Experience Required:
A minimum of two years successful experience as a Technical Service Representative as measured by both production and sales accomplishments.
In addition, one to two years experience in sales and/or a supervisory position would be desirable.
This position encounters technical problems that relate to the nature of pests and their control. This knowledge is necessary to perform quality control inspections and make technical decisions about a given pest management situation.
The Operations Manager is also required to be able to assist in making numerous personnel decisions involved with staffing, disciplining, training and day-to-day coaching of Colleagues, which are assigned to a Service Center, and the handling of client concerns.
The Operations Manager is also required to deal with administrative problems such as budget control, safety, staffing requirements, etc.
In addition to these mental demands, there are some physical demands such as considerable driving in some cases, the need to perform some of the operations performed by the Technical Service Representatives and in the case of inspections, application of materials and the use of equipment, etc.
During a peak season operation periods and during specialized service treatments, the Operations Manager may be exposed to stressful situations.
While most Operations Managers have an office, much of the time is spent traveling in a service vehicle. While on job sites, the Operations Manager is exposed to the same physical conditions that the Technical Service Representatives encounter. Temperature extremes, confined spaces, unsanitary and hazardous situations requiring the use of PPE.
The amount of travel depends on the geographical boundaries of the Service Center. There may be overnight travel required, extensive driving, etc...
Work Schedule: This job tends to have long, irregular hours and is on-call 24 hours a day and on weekends.
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EOE AA M/F/Vet/Disability
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