Seeking Talented Teachers / Administrators / Trainers / Presenters #99

Seeking Talented Teachers / Administrators / Trainers / Presenters
Hello. We are the Center For Teacher Effectiveness and our firm is seeking a highly capable professional with great presentation skills.
You have the choice to remain in your current position and train for us on "off days," or train for us on a more robust basis.
As a consultant you can work in your regional area or travel to work in another state (you will determine what is best for you).
We train nationwide in PK - 12 grade schools (public, private, and charter schools) as well as in many universities, and we are known for powerful outcomes following our trainings.
Some of our trainers also train at colleges and churches (as well as organizations like the Boys and Girls Clubs, etc., etc.).
We also train outside of the United States!
We seek "top gun" PK-12 educators and administrators and education consultants, as well as professional trainers, to join our elite team of regional and national presenters.
Our highly qualified consultants hold the attention of their audience.
You MUST enjoy training and staff development.
You will train other teachers to use our evidence-based and highly successful Classroom Management OR Differentiated Instruction program strategies - we are seeking trainers for both of these highly coveted programs!
Applicants who meet our requirements will be invited to attend our next 4-Day Train-The-Trainer session: Orlando, Florida - July 20th-23rd, 2015 (this summer).
Please note: we do NOT pay hourly. Those who consult for us are compensated based on a presentation fee and also the materials the school purchases. The more participants attending the training and / or materials the school purchases the more earned by our trainer (none of our trainers earn less than $1000 per training day and often it is much more).
We need help presenting BOTH of our classroom management AND Differentiated Instruction staff development programs which we present to schools everywhere.
Do not worry if you have not yet established a proven track record. We will provide you with the content that will make you shine. Our training (hopefully, your training) helps make ordinary teachers extraordinary.
Our presentation (hopefully, your presentation) is proven to help teachers, students, and schools succeed together on a level they never thought possible.
We have the data and we are eager to share it with you! As an example of the efficacy of our program, click on the link immediately below to view school success data presented by Dr. Johnny Alvarado, a principal. These are the kind of results we are known for (and hopefully you if you join our team): https://vimeo.com/user28194149/review/127676524/371e42d855
Successful consultants who work with us have the following backgrounds; teachers, principals, assistant principals, counselors, professors, superintendents, retired educators, social workers, behavior specialists, staff development coordinators, professional speakers and consultants, authors, plus a myriad of other professional positions. Perhaps you train adults in other areas, or are a speaker / trainer / consultant for another company?
You will be welcome here! If you are a retired educator or trainer we are interested and hope you will review our information (your experience is wonderful and invaluable!).
If interested in learning more about our company, our heritage and history, our beliefs, and financials we request that you reply to this posting with a resume or brief describing your background and connection with students/schools.
Be sure to include a phone number so that our secretary can schedule a phone chat / interview! Every inquiry will have an email response providing complete details and more information.
You do not need to provide references in your resume or brief. Dr. Aaron Dahlgren or Rick Dahlgren, President & CEO, will be reviewing your resume and one of their secretaries will contact you directly to set up a phone chat / interview.
Reminding you, our Train-The-Trainer sessions are held quarterly, only four times a year. Our next session will be July 20th-23rd in Orlando, Florida.
SUMMARIZING: THE STEPS TO FOLLOW For immediate consideration you must
1) reply to this ad with a resume or brief sharing your background and qualifications and
2) Dr. Aaron Dahlgren or Rick Dahlgren's office will email complete details regarding this posting as well as information on how to schedule your phone chat / interview.
Expect an immediate response. There is no need to respond to multiple job postings! It will not increase your chances nor speed up the process.
Responding to this posting with a resume or brief (mandatory) and anything else you want to send is all you need to do to start the process, and on our part we promise to respond immediately.
Our best presenters will tell you this is the best personal or business opportunity of a lifetime!
Thank you for reviewing our information, but even more thank you as you endeavor to help improve teaching and learning! We wish you the best, personally and professionally.
Several additional thoughts: Reminding you, retired and retiring teachers and administrators or leaders are also strongly encouraged to apply.
If this opportunity does not fit you but you know an impeccable teacher or administrator or trainer / presenter who would be a great trainer for us, would you kindly forward this message to that professional?
In the event you believe this may be "too good to be true," we are immediately prepared to have you speak with "active duty" classroom teachers and principals who have been training for us for many years, and in some cases close to two decades!
Check this out today. You will be glad you did, and we want to meet you!
We all know when we want to teach something well, we have to teach and reteach that concept, right? We don't just discuss the strategy once, post it on the wall and leave it at that. Then, why do we do it when teaching behaviors? For some of our students, school is the only place they get to learn respectful behavior. This learning will help them throughout their lives, so do it really well. We need to teach students how we expect them to behave in our classroom, systematically and explicitly. It could be raising their hand, listening, or sharpening their pencil. Here are three simple tips for teaching to expectations. 1) Ask students what behaviors they believe a productive classroom should enjoy. 2) Model the right way, the wrong way and the 'almost but not quite' way. 3) Review this expected behavior quickly and often, asking students to demonstrate. Behavior is like any other skill, it needs to be reinforced. Multi-sensory strategies address all learning styles so talk, write, act out, draw, or sing, until they have it in the bag. Then when someone is out of line, you know they know what they SHOULD be doing.
Good luck this week!
Dr. Aaron Dahlgren and Rick Dahlgren President & CEO CTE

Don't Be Fooled

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