Quality Manager

Direct the Quality program for all US Zinc locations. Maintain suitable and effective Quality Management System based on ISO 9001. Manage customers' complaints & other quality issues for all of US Zinc. Actively participate in the company's Continuous Improvement Program for all its processes & plants.
Core Accountabilities
Direct the preparation and submission of all required reports to regulating agencies.
Submit an annual Quality Performance Report for each facility.
Oversee investigation of all quality complaints and issues.
Responsible of preparing all customer & internal quality complaint related reports as required by management
Provide quality data for Flash Reports on weekly basis.
Review and approve all monthly Quality reports from all facilities for executive management team.
Set up and maintain Quality Program to ensure the performance of the manufacturing facilities.
Prepare annual Action Plans for all production facilities.
Prepare monthly Quality Analysis reports for each facility.
Prepare and submit new or revised regulatory permit applications with technical aspects and compliance.
Conduct quarterly compliance audits for all US based facilities
Conduct a semi-annual compliance audit for the facilities outside US.
Maintain global regulatory awareness of regulations impacting our product or customer markets and effectuate agency registrations, labeling, or other changes or actions as required.
Attend ISO & other training to keep up with latest quality control developments.
Participate actively in all CIP related activities and meetings.
Lead some CIP projects.
Track CIP progress on weekly basis. Provide data for Flash and other reports.
Monitor progress of the CIP action plans and report to senior management on regular basis.
Help achieve best in class level for the facilities.
Build and maintain local, state, federal and international relationships to gain a mastery level of understanding of the regulations and requirements facing the enterprise. Using this knowledge to develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance with externals laws and regulations and internal standards.
This position also requires monitoring production and other data to ensure all transactions meet all applicable quality regulations and requirements.
Responsible for maintaining extensive knowledge of all regulations and requirements; using this knowledge to develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure company's registration and compliance.
Create effective control structures that ensures not only legal compliance but more importantly the quality of all products and protection of the environments in which we operate. Partner with all levels of management to implement the structure creating and sustaining a culture where quality compliance is not only valued but expected.
Responsible for domestic and global compliance to Quality requirements; conduct or direct all quality activities, and compliance with any new laws.
Participate / lead all customer quality claim investigation and settlements for US Zinc.
Other duties assigned by management.

Required Qualifications

Background & experience in Quality Management & Engineering
Background and competence in statistics and mathematics as used for quality control & assurance
Hands on experience with ISO 9000:
2000 systems
Experience in conducting Internal Audits as well as handling External Audits
Supervisory experience in operating chemical test labs and lab personnel.
Extensive knowledge of the quality requirements of ISO and other global standards, as well as the experience in developing and implementing company systems and programs aligned with these standards.
Knowledge and experience developing and implementing quality best practices.
Knowledge of reports required by federal, state and local agencies and the experience and ability to prepare all the necessary filings required to maintain regulatory compliance.
Experience managing claims, negotiating technical issues, settling claims and disputes in a favorable way.
Must be able to travel to other locations, including outside the USA.
Ability to implement and lead others to achieve a top quality culture.
Ability to meet and negotiate with customers and others on all issues including permits, required reports, and audit findings.
Ability to read and understand regulations, interpret the applicability to our enterprise and operations, prepare applications and filings for permits or authorizations, create company policies and programs required for compliance, and communicate to all levels of management and personnel appropriately explaining the regulation and their role necessary to achieve and maintain compliance.
Ability to direct supporting staff to achieve desired outcome - including the use of specialized techniques to arrive at solutions that will meet the company's needs.

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