2nd Shift Computer Operator

Country Curtains' MIS team is looking for a 2nd Shift Computer Operator to support all departments from a systems perspective. In this role you will monitor, troubleshoot, apply patches and perform tasks that your first shift counterparts will relay to you for off hours maintenance. The right candidate will work well alone, without direct supervision . If you enjoy manipulating computers and systems, yet hate getting up early, this position could be right for you!
Job Description:
The 2nd Shift Computer Operator, in addition to the usual Help Desk issues, also writes shift notes, emails and procedures for new tasks as they are developed. This position administrates user profiles on the Microsoft Network and the IBM iSeries. The Computer Operator also ensures that all PCs are running on the most recent software versions. Frequent use of the Web to research specific computer problems is expected. Assistance with all daily operations tasks, as needed, is required.


1. High School Diploma
2. Experience with both Windows Desktop Environment and Linux Desktops
3. Knowledge of patch installation on various platforms
4. Good communication and interpersonal skills for interactions with users, managers and vendors
5. Working understanding of personal computers
6. Ability to maintain confidentiality
7. Good analytical skills
8. Self-motivated and able to work with minimal supervision
9. Able to lift up to 50 pounds

This is a full-time position with a comprehensive benefits package and company-sponsored perks.

If you are passionate about your work and want to join a talented team -- apply immediately!
Visit our company web site to learn more about our wonderful company: www.countrycurtains.com

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