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Apple Computers
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Posting Title: Senior Software Engineer - Maps
Location: Santa Clara Valley, California, United States
Job Summary

Maps is about more than just location and directions, it's about modeling the physical world in software. In this position you'll be ingesting data from a variety of sources and merging it to create a consistent representation. Key challenges include how to scale large databases, how to import data from many vendors with different formats and varying levels of quality, and how to version data throughout its lifecycle. The role also encompasses the creation of real-time systems that can update hundreds of millions of customers as fast as possible.

Key Qualifications

Experience scaling large software systems including NoSQL datastores
Expert knowledge of Java and newer JVM-based languages such as Scala or Clojure
Experience with data pipelines, messaging systems, and client/server protocols
Ability to rapidly learn new technologies
Strong written and oral communication skills


The Apple Maps Points of Interest (POI) engineering team is looking for a senior-level software engineer to help us build the next generation geolocation system. We are constantly optimizing and improving our processing pipeline to deliver the highest-quality experience to our customers. In this role you will build large-scale server-side systems to model Points of Interest by ingesting data from many different vendors. This data will flow through our systems to be displayed in the Maps application. You should have experience with NoSQL datastores, indexing technologies, server architectures, messaging systems, and data pipelines. The ideal candidate thrives in a small team of outstanding engineers working together to solve hard problems and build great features.


Bachelor's degree in CS or EE or relevant industry experience.

Additional Requirements

Experience with GIS

Key Matching Terms

Java, Scala, Clojure, scalability, data ingest, data pipelines, NoSQL, HTTP protocols, RabbitMQ, specialerpmaps0414

Language Skills

English - US

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Internal / External

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