Marketing Manager for b2b technology start-up

Company Name:
Marketing Manager for b2b technology start-up
New role - more to come ...

Metro Boston client - lots of flexibility .... Work remotely several days a week

Ideal candidate will
Come from a start up or small company with limited resources.
Have b2b technology experience.
Strong writer.
Do strategy and execution.
Able to synthesize technical concepts and prepare content.
What else?
Company is bringing marketing in-house. They currently are doing PPC and remarketing and would like to do more around inbound marketing.
They recently entered the U.S. market and are targeting mid-to enterprise market and typically CIO, CTO, COO audiences. In this role, the Marketing Manager will create whitepapers, blogs, content, etc. - all focused on getting the message out to the market, including sharing client successes.
Will be assisting sales in lead generation activities.
Work also will include internal communications, user forums, and user groups, They use Google PPC, Hubspot, and their own CRM tool.

Don't Be Fooled

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