PostgreSql Data Base Engineer

Company Name:
OTM Software Professionals, Inc
PostgreSql Data Base Engineer needed for consulting project at client company project.
Contribute to the Design, implementation and deployment of cutting edge middle tier and data store components that are both stable and scalable.
- Scale data-model AS-IS to a EC2 master / read configuration. - Tune pgbouncer and read/master replication - Tune EC2 instances to production - Design, document and implement PITR and disaster recovery. - Logging integration into elastic search. - Design, document and implement replication tools. - Design, document and implement statistics tools to identify: a) slow queries b) CPU intensive queries c) Replication lag d) IO
-Experience in large-scale data processing and analysis especially with PostgreSql - Experience in machine learning - Experience coding, Python would be ideal - Extensive experience in data analysis tools - Preferred: Master?s degree or or another quantitative field

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