OS - Cleanroom Cleaner

Company Name:
ABM Industries
Job Description
Position Summary
Cleanroom Cleaners work in controlled environments where strict rules and procedures must be followed to prevent contamination. Cleanroom Cleaners are required to wear specific cleanroom garments depending on assigned location and environment. Additionally, Cleanroom Cleaners are essential in helping maintain high standards for the successful operation of a cleanroom.
Essential Duties
Duties and responsibilities vary depending on the assigned facility, therefore, not all-inclusive:
Follow all guidelines for the successful operation of a cleanroom.
Wear only approved and proper cleanroom garments (gloves, facemasks, head covers mocks or jump suits).
Follow work schedules and procedures based on define tasks and frequencies.
Clean all work surfaces in the controlled environment using the approved cleaning solutions.
Beware of all human behaviors and activities that may harvest contamination.
If allowed, sweep and mop floors with appropriate cleaning solution.
If allowed, vacuum all rugs, carpeted areas and entry mats.
Properly clean and buff tile floor services as needed.
Clean stainless steel/metal hardware with appropriate wipes.
Properly disinfected/sterilized all tools, equipment, containers, and materials used in the cleaning process prior to entering the controlled environment.
Follow all safety and personnel rules and regulations.
Use only approved cleaning supplies and materials.
Perform other duties as assigned.
Job duties may be modified at any time.
Minimum Requirements
Must be able to perform all physical aspects of the job duties above.
Requires the ability wear specific cleanroom garments depending on assigned location and environment, which may include, but are not limited to; jump suits gloves, facemasks, head covers mocks, etc.)
Ability to read and comprehend safety material and facility required documents.
Must be able to successfully complete cleanroom environment training.
If required by client facility, obtain cleanroom certification.
Must have ability to work with other crewmembers and be able to take direction from Supervisor.
Previous cleanroom experience preferred but not required.
Job Title : OS - Cleanroom Cleaner
Education : Not Applicable
Career Level : Entry Level
Category : Services - Maintenance
Employment Status : Hourly
Travel Required : None
Shift Type : First Shift (Day)
Location : Chandler, AZ 85248 US (Primary)

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