Senior java/c++ image specialist/ developer (image architect)

Company Name:
RCJ Consulting,LLC
These position are W2 Only, no third party agencies, no corp to corp agreements;
Candidate can be US Citizen or Greencard holder.
Be prepared to conduct a technical phone screen within 48 hours of submitting application.

Senior Java/C++ Image Specialist/Developer. This position will be located in Alexandria, VA.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Senior JAVA/C++ IMAGE SPECIALIST/DEVELOPER will be responsible for designing and developing the scalable image-conversion solution to support a web-based application. This role includes the development of document image conversion components with performance and quality to integration with Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) components.
Experience performing code development in Java, J2EE
Experience in understanding and invoking C/C++/JNI libraries in Java
Experience with the migration of software based systems to hardware accelerated architectures using technologies like CUDA or OpenCL.
Experience with software based image processing libraries and APIs such as Camellia, OpenCV, libtiff, libpng, xpdf and their Java equivalents.
Experience in image conversion implementations for high-volume, high performance, enterprise-wide
Experience in the Agile Software development process.
Experience with special purpose graphics processing hardware, algorithms, and software tools for accelerating image conversion and processing applications.
Experience with the capacity management and benchmarking of image processing routines for high-speed, large-scale image processing systems.
Experience with designing, developing, and deploying rich internet applications (RIA) using technologies including, but not limited to, Dojo Toolkit, Sencha Ext JS, Google Closure, and YUI Library.
design, develop, and deploy web applications and web services using JBoss
Experience with designing, developing, and deploying WSDL-based and RESTful web services.
Familiarity with database management systems including MySQL.
Familiarity with image storage and retrieval from a Cassandra based content management system.

All qualified candidates MUST be able to obtain a public trust clearance.

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