Article Writing/Re-Writing

Position Type:
1 - 10
Salary Range:
$50.00 - $150 Weekly
Article Writing
Project Description:
Hello, i need one quality writer to write for me for a long term.Maybe 3-6 months. Price is $2 for 500 words, no drafts required. I'll be hiring a good writer on their past projects and on their reviews.
What I need? Someone good at creating original web content articles as well as rewriting old articles that discuss about different topics. I also want plagiarism-free and interesting to read articles.

Skill Summary

Require the following:
- Writing fresh articles that are informative, catchy and up-to-date.
- Rewriting articles with no plagiarism issues.
- Creating blogs that are well-researched based on truth and very interesting to read.
- Summarizing articles accurately.
- Creating articles that really have strong points.
- Using WordPress in creating web content articles.
- Working independently and no need to be regularly supervised.
- Very analytical and have strong self-direction towards work. -Understanding my needs as an online business person.

Contact info: styvoo44(at)gmail(dot)com

Don't Be Fooled

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