Systems Engineer II

Company Name:
Merrill Aviation & Defense
To apply, go to http://www.merrillaviation.com/careers
About us: Located in the heart of the defense corridor, the Sterling Heights Advanced Development Center (SHADC) is where the Merrill Technologies Group development team and sales engineers work to develop business relationships and design advanced solutions. The SHADC utilizes Merrill Technologies Group resources to design, analyze, prototype, test, manufacture, and deliver state-of-the-art components to meet urgent customer and industry requirements.
Overview: Responsible for application of the systems engineering approach in new product development, Request for Proposal decomposition, assistance to the quotes and contract development office and working with the engineering department to meet project schedules (deadlines), communicating with other departments and providing assistance and support. Also communicates with and assists customers as needed.
Accountabilities: Responsible for adhering to project budget and working within loaded hours. Plan and carry out assignments in conformance with accepted policies and practices. Adhere to instructions, policies, precedents and guidelines in exercising judgment to resolve commonly encountered work problems, bringing unusual findings/problems to the Engineering Managers attention.
Authority: May make acquisitions and acquire resources as needed in harmony with strategic business plan and departmental goals along with product development.
Environment: Typical office environment and minimal shop floor exposure.
Physical Demands: Minimal, repetitive motion issues (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), light lifting (up to 40 lbs.)
Please make certain you meet all of qualifications listed below prior to applying for this
Duties: Duties include, but are not limited to, providing an integrated and collaborative approach on product development, analysis of capabilities and requirements, review of budgets and schedules to provide the best solutions based upon resource analysis, life cycle product input to provide tailored program solutions or input, review of interdependent programmatic issues on systems, understanding and ability to explain and work the iterative nature of activities to meet a recursive model, decomposition of products to simplified levels for analysis, produce reports and briefings based upon analysis and review, find efficiencies and reductions in cycle time and costs, be able to apply systems engineering processes at every phase of program development, apply ISO9000 and AS9100 standards to all phases of product development, be fluent and cognizant in the required specifications and standards that are required for product development. Support system level market surveys and trade studies and provide technical direction to achieve performance metrics. In addition, the duties require the ability to write plans, update and develop master schedules, and identify opportunities that standardize systems engineering processes and tools to achieve common design solutions across all projects.
Education: Bachelors degree in systems engineering with experience in either commercial or DoD systems.
Skills:Able to provide technical development and strategy, requirements breakdown and analysis, validation of material solutions and understand the iterative nature of system development..
Experience:6+ years experience as a systems engineer or a combination of other engineer experience closely related to systems engineering.
Personal Qualities: The ability to work well with people. Organized, superb written and verbal skills, strong attention to detail, and ability to prioritize and multi-task. Must have the necessary personal attributes to communicate the customers ideas to other members of the organization for related improvements for system development
Preferences: Experience working with complex systems, detailed analysis, top level knowledge of systems, have worked on commercial or DoD sytems that required analytical skills.

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