Ph.D. Polymer Applications Development Scientist - High Performance Polymers

Company Name:
Title: Ph.D. Polymer Applications Development Scientist - High Performance Polymers
Location: TN-Kingsport
Other Locations:
This position is for an applications research and development scientist in the Advanced Materials Division of Eastman Chemical Company, located in Kingsport, TN. The position will have responsibility for applications research and development and technology-focused customer engagement for the specialty plastics business, particularly in the area of high performance polymers. The successful applicant is expected to translate market needs into product concepts and subsequently develop and commercialize high performance polymer products.
The selected individual will be required to:
Identify needs and opportunities through discussion with customers, sales, and marketing personnel
Determine fitness for use criteria for specific applications through a combination of empirical and experimental methods
Reduce fitness for use criteria to fundamental material characteristics using their knowledge of structure-property-processing relationships
Identify and oversee appropriate application-specific test procedures, whether completed internally or externally
Lead multi-disciplinary new product development teams
Regularly engage with current and potential customers to understand unmet needs, both articulated and unarticulated
A PhD in polymer chemistry, polymer science, macromolecular science, materials science, or related field from an accredited university with a minimum of 5 years of applications research and development experience in the high performance polymer industry (PEEK, PPS, PI, PEI, LCP, etc.
The candidate must possess:
Applications research and development experience in areas related to high performance polymers (PEEK, PPS, PI, PEI, LCP, etc.)
Previous experience in customer engagement
Broad knowledge of the HPP industry, including fitness for use requirements in multiple industries and benefits and tradeoffs of different polymers in the space
Experience with composites
Strong interpersonal and communication skills
The ability to work independently with minimal day to day supervision
A high level of creativity and initiativeEngineering

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